“HWSW DAQ” is data acquisition software to measure analog input and drive analog output signals. “HWSW DAQ” is used to record, analyze and convert data acquisition files and consists of the applications:

The support for profiles in each application makes it easy to switch between different measurement types, analyze methods and conversions.

See videos for a demonstration of the product.

Chart recorder

This data acquisition program can measure and drive analog channels. A math script with multiple math functions can be applied to these channels during the measurement and displayed immediately. The measured and math channels can be stored in a data acquisition file. The math script enables advanced calculations during the measurement and can be adjusted by the user. The same math functions can be used to drive analog outputs in order to create an arbitrary waveform generator. The measured data can be displayed in Charts, XY plots and numeric indicators.

Main features:


This program can view, analyze and edit data acquisition files created with “Chart recorder”. The same math functions as in “Chart recorder” can be used to analyze the data, these are also stored in a math script. The data displayed in graphs can be adjusted by zooming or panning. Two cursors can be displayed to measure the data at and/or between the cursors. Cursor scripts determine the values at the cursors and/or to export to a text file. Data between the two cursors can be displayed in a XY plot or be used for a curve fit. Macro scripts save a lot of time by analyzing multiple data acquisition files automatically.

Main features:


This program can convert multiple at once in order to open them with “Analyzer”. The file types *.csv are converted to *.tdms files. Also old versions of *.tdms files are converted to latest version *.tdms files.

Main features: