For bridge card games the cards are distributed among four players automatically with the “HWSW Bridge card dealer” as shown in the video below.

The next video shows the “HWSW Bridge card reader” software which runs on a computer and uses a webcam in order to recognize the cards in a stack and save the results. To ensure the suits and ranks of the cards can be recognized their symbols must be learend by this software. The learned symbols are stored in a profile which is automatically loaded at the startup of the application and ensures the cards are recognized immediately. In order to start scanning a new bridge card game with the software press the menu item "File - New". Place the stack of cards one by one and confirm each scanned game with this software. The scanning proces of one game in shown in the next video. Once all the games are scanned the file can be saved with the menu item "File - Save...". This saves all the games in a csv file which can be used by bridge software in order to calculate the points of a tournament.